Welcome to the radioactive crypto mining zone!

Uranium-X   (URX)       

Rare supply



This asset is designed similar to the Bitcoin core blockchain

URX is an open source multi-decade long decentralized community project not owned by any legal entities

Anyone can mine URX from their wallet!

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NOTE: not actually radioactive material, <0.001 mSv detected on this website





max supply:


long emission length:

~70 years

first block:

April 20, 2018




Bitcoin core

mining difficulty:

Dark Gravity Wave




CPU-friendly, ASIC neutral, GPU-unfriendly

current algo:


design intent:

CPU mining

crypto creation:

no premine, fair launch

Uranium-X network is designed for long term CPU mining 

Uranium-X project has a deep mandate for Quantum resistance and keeping decentralized on CPU and finer architecture 


There is no central regulatory authority or corporate influence on direction


Design creativity is constantly evolving – please read our active White Paper: 


Uranium-X can be traded peer to peer at a fraction of a second

Confirmations take 101 blocks, and are visible immediately on the chain

URX has 8 decimals of precision into mURX and µURX amounts

Currently URX is publicly trading using the market pair: URX/BTC 


We welcome anyone free to list the project on thire own exchange.

(remember, the last URX will be mined in ~2087, we have lots of time to grow trading volume) 

The active community project roadmap. All are welcome to comment and contribute to the development timelines and ideas:

 Uranium-X coins can be stored in the open source desktop/laptop client.

The URX wallet client acts as a secure network node, and can also be used for the solo mining.


UraniumX:1.0.3 [released 06-JUN-19] – Linux and Mac peers need to be added manually during initial sync. New version coming soon.

UraniumX:2.0.0 [released 2021] for Windows – peer sync automatically

Make sure to visit our FAQ page for tips on mining and using the wallet!

URX miners are all over the world, often English is our second language.

We are artists, designers, technologists, gamers, and blockchain first timers.

Join us for a discussion in Discord! We welcome everyone to the project.

urx.zone community inbox can be reached at:   [email protected]

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         Visit our FAQ page to learn more, or checkout the live block explorer! 


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